We’re a NJ News Commons partner!


I’m happy to announce that South Jersyist has recently become a content partner with NJ News Commons, and organization at at Montclair State¬†University whose mission is to “strengthen the voice of New Jersey by helping news organizations work cooperatively.” This is exciting news for a young blog, and I’m honored to have been considered for inclusion in this important New Jersey organization.

In practical terms, the News Commons is a group that gathers and highlights¬†New Jersey news from outlets based all around the state. Having grown up in the state, I had gotten used to all of our news coming from either Philadelphia or New York-based outlets that dedicate a minimum of time to non-political news in our state. The goal of the News Commons is to change this, and to bring the views and opinions of real New Jerseyans to readers throughout the rest of the state and regions we’re part of. So please, check out their site and read about all of the other great partners they work with.