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Gloucester County looking for input on its future

It’s been a few years since Gloucester County updated its master plan, the “public document that reflects a community’s vision for how it should grow and change over time”. When the last plan was created in 1982, New Jersey was in a much different place than it is today. The population shift away from traditional cities like Philadelphia and Camden and towards new suburban destinations was at full steam. Towns in the county were seeing rapid growth, and the suburban development patterns we see today were being put into place. Thirty-three years later, it’s time for the county to reevaluate it’s development strategy in the face of a few key changes.

The county is taking stock at just the right time, as many younger people are choosing to move back to cities and older towns while retirees choose to move to lower-cost states. Several towns in the county are still seeing modest growth, but many have begun to level off. Some of these older towns, such as Woodbury, Pitman, and Glassboro, hope to become part of a reactivated passenger rail line connecting the county to Philadelphia by way of Camden as companies move to those two cities.

It’s within this context that Gloucester County is figuring out its place in the 21st century, and they’d like your help in doing so. They’re soliciting input from the public to gauge their concerns and thoughts about what the future looks like. Click here to take the survey and let Gloucester County planners know your thoughts. It should only take about five minutes of your time.


Let me know what you think.

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