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Restaurant Weeks in South Jersey

There may not be much that South Jersey is known for outside of its shore resort towns, but the fact that we’ve got a booming restaurant scene is something even non-locals know. Take a walk down Haddon Ave or Kings Highway on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and you’ll see tons of people coming out of cars with plates from states like Pennsylvania, New York, or Maryland. Collingswood has gotten a lot of press for its restaurants over the past few years, but Haddonfield, Westmont, and Cherry Hill can all hold their own in this category.

Something I’ve only recently started paying attention to is the idea of a restaurant week, where restaurants in an entire city, town, or just in a neighborhood will offer set menus at set prices. It’s a great way to get out to places you might not have gone to before, especially if a place usually has much higher prices. It’s usually major cities that make a big deal out of it, with at least moderate-budget marketing campaigns around them. I’ve been happy though to see South Jersey towns and counties putting together weeks for discovering what restaurants in the area have to offer. Here’re a few upcoming events to check out, and some recently-passed ones to give a try next time.

Collingswood Restaurant Week, March 23rd-28th

Jersey Shore Restaurant Week, April 4th-18th

Bordentown Restaurant Week on Farnsworth Avenue, April 13th-18th

Cherry Hill Mall Restaurant Week (Seriously), July

Unfortunately, I was too late to include the general South Jersey week, which features a ton of area restaurants across multiple counties and which ends today, and Atlantic City’s, which ran earlier this month. If you know of any others in South Jersey, let me know!


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